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Sutton Gasoline Company ~

Butler, PA Blog - Thu, 03/19/2015 - 11:42am
On  Kittanning Street 1960s
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What If…The Mist Occurred in High School of the Dead?

Factpile - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 6:27am

FactPile: What If…The Mist Occurred in High School of the Dead?

Suggested by MrRyder Basically instead of a zombie apocalypse, the Mist envelopes the High School of the Dead world, and unleashes all the creatures seen in the movies and books upon them. How would certain aspects change? Would the characters... Read More »

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One Fish Films Releases Official Potential Inertia Poster

Official Web Log Of Matt Croyle - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 8:36pm

Official one sheet for the upcoming feature film ‘Potential Inertia’

For more information about Potential Inertia, please visit the following links:

Potential Inertia on the web: http://potentialinertia.onefishfilms.com

Potential Inertia in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/potentialinerita

Potential Inertia on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PIMovieOfficial


Poster Copyright © 2014 One Fish Films. All Rights Reserved.

Wordless Wednesday

Bryan Hill's Blog - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 9:59am

On the Need for More

Everyday Baby Steps - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 9:08am

Not long ago, I posted a Facebook status update that alluded to the fact that I want more in many areas of my life. I acknowledge the fact that the statement was vague, at best. I wasn't ready to share just what I was referring to at the time. And, quite honestly, I don't think I was completely sure. I just knew that I was unsatisfied in a number of ways and that the central theme that seemed to be recurring was that it was because I wanted more. Please indulge me while I take some time here to expand on that desire for a bit. 

photo credit: lanuiop via photopin cc

Beyond the Material

First, let me explain that it certainly isn't more material things that I'm wanting. I won't try to deny that there are a number of material possessions I truly covet. I enjoy driving a cute car, wearing clothing that makes me feel put-together and having fun toys like the latest electronic gadgets. Howeever, in the last year, I've indulged very little in the material, and I've begun to truly appreciate the security of having just the basics. Now that I'm the breadwinner and primarily responsible for keeping my kids clothed, housed and fed, I know quite intimately what it's like just to want those very essential things and to be content with those. So, no, I don't want more possessions. 

Career Satisfaction

I do, however, want more out of my career and how I earn a living. Writing articles on toenail fungus? No, that was never my aspiration in life. The writing I do can be monotanous at times. In fact, it can be downright mind numbing. I truly wish to expand my writing horizons, to find projects that pay me more both monetarily and in terms of self-fulfillment. I'm taking baby steps toward that goal by formulating a plan of how I can begin to expand my writing and am taking some actionable measures toward making the plan a reality. Don't get me wrong, though. I am thankful to have found something I'm good at that allows me the flexibility to be there for my kids, particularly when the cost of childcare for my little guy alone is so high in comparison with the income potential for my academic and professional background. 

Family Life

While I am very lucky to be here for my kids, I have to admit that I'm not always as "present" as I'd like to be. Managing writing tasks, household duties, errand running and spending time with the kids is really fucking hard. I can't even sugarcoat it. It's just truly fucking hard, and sometimes I feel like my kids get the short end of the stick. I'm constantly lacking in money and in time. Summer is approaching, and I know I need to get a better handle on my time management in order to be more in the moment with my three wild children. It won't be easy, but we've talked and we plan to work together to make it happen. For example, this weekend, the big kids will be watching my little guy on Saturday so that I can take care of some things. Then Sunday, we will do something as a family. I think we'll be attending an arts festival in my college town. Should be a good time. 


Yes, I said romance. Though I'm totally and completely busy with the above-mentioned family and household obligations, I am fortunate to have some free time when the kids are with their dads. This time allows me to pursue grown-up mommy interests. Sometimes those interests involve Ben & Jerry's, Netflix and pajamas. Other times, some adult interaction is nice. I've written here about my online dating experiences thus far, and I've learned quite a bit from those experiences. Learning about myself and what I ultimately want in a partner was one of my intended goals from the very beginning. I'd say I've come a long way toward that goal, and what I've learned is that what I want is more. More emotional connection. More real conversation. More affection. More understanding. More passion. More romance. Not simply more sex. Meeting, interacting with and getting to know some amazing men over the last year has provided me with great insight into the kind of relationship I ultimately desire. No, right now, I'm still not at the point where I'm ready to commit exclusively to one person. But I do want more.

I'm not sure if I've provided clarity here with regard to what I want out of life, but I do feel better having begun the process of sorting it out. Thank you for indulging me. Tell me what you want more of in your life. I could use the inspiration. Right now, I want more coffee.

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HK-47 Vs Ahsoka Tano

Factpile - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 6:33am

FactPile: HK-47 Vs Ahsoka Tano

Suggested by batman3.14 For this match we’re remaining in the Star Wars universe with

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How mobile is your website?

Big Big Design Blog - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 3:41pm

Have you looked at your website on a smartphone or a tablet? How does it look?

It might be that you can see the whole of your site, with the logo and all the home page images visible, all shrunk down to fit the little screen. And maybe when you see this, you think, “It’s all there. It’s fine!”

But is it fine? Can you use the menu to get to other pages? Can you read what’s on the site? Can you find an address, or phone number, or some way to get in touch?

And how long did that page take to load, anyway?

For a website to be usable on a phone or tablet, it needs to work well. It doesn’t need to look exactly the same as it does on a desktop or laptop computer; in fact, it’s probably going to have to look a little different, just because of how the screen sizes and shapes differ.

And just because a site looks OK on one smartphone doesn’t mean it will look good on others.

One useful tool for exploring how websites look on various mobile browsers is the Responsinator site, which emulates many popular mobile screens (and some less popular ones). Go to http://www.responsinator.com/ and type a web address into the field at the very top, and you’ll see how it renders on different screen sizes. You can even scroll within the emulated devices to check out other pages and to see how menus work.

Some smartphone behavior doesn’t work the same in the Responsinator as it would on the actual device, if the website uses device detection scripts to modify its behavior. But this gives a partial sense of how a site behaves on smaller screens.

Being able to adjust to screen size is only part of what a website needs to be mobile-friendly. Phones rely on cellphone and data networks that can be slow or unreliable, so a site should be careful about overtaxing them.

Google offers PageSpeed Tools for testing a website to see how long it takes to load and where its bottlenecks or resource drains are. PageSpeed Tools is aimed more at web developers than at the average website or blog owner. But it can give you a heads-up if something is really bogging your site down, both for mobile devices and for desktop visitors.

Knowing there’s a problem is one thing; knowing how to fix it is another. In an upcoming post I’ll talk about options for making your website mobile — from adding a mobile alternative to redesigning with mobile devices in mind.

Photo credit for cover image: Dru Bloomfield on Flickr

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Product Review: Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch 14” Ultra Book

Bryan Hill's Blog - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 2:25pm

This is a review for a new 14 inch Touch Screen Ultra Book we purchased from Best Buy.  It is a Lenovo IdeaPad U430. We purchased this as a package deal from Best Buy’s Deal of the Day with a Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet. It’s original price is $829.99 we got it as the package deal with the tablet for $699.99.

I have not used this device much but did do the initial setup and updated it to Windows 8.1. In the short time I used it, it seemed more then adequate, it was very responsive and stable. I have to mention that the specs of this device are better than average, this is one of the reasons we snatched this Deal of the Day up. Here a few that caught my attention:

Processor: Intel Haswell Core i7-4500U Dual Core 1.8 MHz-3.0 MHz

Memory:  4Gigs

Hard Drive: Hybrid 8Gig/500Gig (For even faster boot times, Windows 8 is fast anyways)

Dragon Voice Control

Backlit Keyboard

I also have to mention that the build of this particular ultra book,with it’s polished aluminum chassis, sets it apart form other price comparable units.

Overall my wife is the main user and she has had absolutely no complaints, other than the learning curve of the new operating system. You know the saying, if Momma is happy, then everyone is happy!! It is a rock solid unit, from it’s components to it’s case.

**I have no material connection with this manufacturer or supplier.**

Product Review: Lenovo Miix 2 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet

Bryan Hill's Blog - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 1:43pm

This is a review for a new 8 inch tablet we purchased from Best Buy. It is a Lenovo Miix 2 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet. The product page on Best Buy’s website, are not correct. It shows that it is running Windows RT, this product actually is running a full blown version of Windows 8.0 which I recently updated to Windows 8.1 for free. Another spec that seems to be overlooked, is that this particular model ships with Microsoft Office Student/Home 2013 (which retails at $139.99 from Best Buy)This unit sold for 199.99 from Best Buy. We purchased this unit as a package deal with a Lenovo Ultra Book which cost $699.99 via the Deal of the Day.
We both are very happy with this unit, it is very fast. The processor is an Intel Bay Trail Atom Z3740, part of Intel’s Quad core family, clocked at 1.33Ghz, and sports 2 Gig’s of ram and a 32Gig hard drive. It charges via a micro Usb cable and allows for external micro SD card.
The windows 8.1 interface is very responsive, and seems more logical in the touch configuration.
The cameras work well, the battery is sufficient, and the display is gorgeous.
A side note, we decided to install the Microsoft Office on the laptop instead of this tablet. We figured it would get used more on that particular device and it worked fine without a problem. Keep in mind that Office does not come preinstalled, the activation key comes in the package, if purchasing this unit, use caution not to discard it or mistaken it for a Windows 8.1 activation code.
  • It’s form factor (8.5” x 5.25”) is perfect for typing with my thumbs.
  • Snappy for being a full version of windows 8.1
  • It comes with Microsoft Office Student/Home
  • Lack of a flash on Rear facing camera
  • Only left with 5 Gig of hard drive space (apps cannot be installed on the micro SD card)
  • After Market cases don’t quite fit (at least the ones that stores have locally, I will probably turn to Amazon)

**I have no material connection with this manufacturer or supplier.**

New Setup...

Bryan Hill's Blog - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 8:19am

...on my desktop. We recently bought Brenda a new touch screen laptop, so I inherited the year old non touch Lenovo 15.5 inch laptop to replace my six year old Dell desktop that was still running Windows XP. I made the decision to mount my extra 19 inch monitor above it to extend my desktop. I was a little hesitant, but now that I have been using it for a couple of weeks, I love it! After being forced to use windows 8.1, I have to admit, that I am a fan. I stumble around sometimes and find myself saying, it used to be easier. But then once I figure out the new way to do it, it's not so bad. One nice tip I found a lot of people were unaware of, is if you are looking for something, from the start/metro screen, just start typing what you are looking for, nine times out of ten this results in finding what you are looking for. Thanks for visiting the blog and have a blessed day.

Scientology Vs Ancient Astronaut Theory

Factpile - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 6:48am

FactPile: Scientology Vs Ancient Astronaut Theory

Suggested by War Wizard A few different scenarios to consider. 1.) If you were forced, which one would you become a subscriber of? 2.) Who has a more valid argument to their beliefs? 3.) Who’s got the cooler rep –... Read More »

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‘Potential Inertia’ Interview – April 2014

Official Web Log Of Matt Croyle - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 3:03pm

(OIL CITY, PA) – Erica L’huillier, Copy Editor of The Derrick and The News Herald, recently sat down with ‘Potential Inertia’ writer/director Matt Croyle to ask him some questions about his upcoming debut feature film. ‘Potential Inertia’, which is being shot in Venango County, is due to be available for the festival circuit  this Summer.

EL: Why should people watch your film?

MC: Why? That’s a simple, but really good question that can’t be answered as simply as it’s asked. Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, I think we have a solid, meaningful story to tell. A lot of my writing deals with loss, and this story is something that everyone can relate to since we all have to deal with it at many different junctions of our lives. I guess we tend to forget, sometimes, that we all share the human condition. Hopefully, this story, this film, can give its audience a sense that they’re all experiencing something together — both in viewing the movie, and outside of it. Secondly, I think people like movies, especially movies that are different from ones they are used to seeing. This isn’t your typical “Hollywood” film. Thirdly, I think people should watch our film because a group of very talented people all came together to make something that we all truly believe in — to tell a story we all believe in. They’ve worked very hard, and I don’t feel that their efforts should go unseen.

EL: What makes it different from what audiences are used to seeing?

MC: It’s different in a lot of ways, but in ways that are not typically noticeable on a first viewing. The obvious difference is that it’s in black and white. Not too many feature films are made in black and white today. This was a conscious choice. People are definitely going to notice that there’s a lot of dialogue, and a lot of times too much camera movement, flashy lens flares, things like that take away or distract the audience from dialogue whether they realize it or not. I think stripping it down, making it black and white, keeping camera movement to a minimum really helps keep the focus on what the characters are saying. I shoot a lot in closeups, as well. It gives the film a more intimate feel. I’m not saying I’ll shoot everything I do like I’m shooting this film, but it works for this particular story. One major difference between ‘Potential Inertia’ and your “typical” Hollywood script is that while it follows a conventional three-act structure, the rising and falling of action just isn’t there. I never wanted it to be. This is a story of loss, so I wanted to come on this journey with Declan as he repeatedly experiences loss in many ways. Luckily there is some comic relief in the film, otherwise someone would probably end up wanting to put a gun in their mouth by the end of it.

EL: If you could start over, would you do anything differently?

MC: That’s a very difficult question to answer. The short answer would be, “Yes.” I’m sure there are plenty of little things that we’re doing that could be streamlined. I’m sure the whole process of pre-production on my next film will be completely different. With this feature we’re kind of winging it with locations as we close in on post. I think there would be some value in having those locations locked, in taking time for rehearsals in those places. The thing with this film is that it feels “real” because it is. I’m pretty much putting my actors in those places for the first time, rolling camera, and letting them go. Each scene feels new to them. And while that’s good for this movie, it may not be good for every movie. This is a very grounded, organic film in many ways. Projects that I’m developing will need to take a different approach because they have a completely different feel to them.

EL: What has been the most challenging part of making ‘Potential Inertia’?

MC: The hardest parts of making this film have been two things: Logistics and Sound. It’s really been a logistical nightmare, and I’ve said that all along. When your actors are not getting paid, have real jobs, and real lives, and they’re trying to come from Jamestown, Pittsburgh, and these places over a hundred miles away – just to shoot for a day – it can get strenuous and time-consuming. That’s the main reason it’s taken us this long to make the film. The upside is that we’re almost finished, and they’ve dedicated themselves to making this movie happen regardless of the time frame. The other real challenge has been sound editing. I did learn lot about it shooting ‘Monster’ but it’s always tough, and so important. I’m doing everything myself, which is important on a first feature, because then I can really feel that the film is mine. Anything anyone loves, I can take credit for. Anything anyone hates, I can take the blame for and try to correct it on my next project. Plus, in doing as much as I can myself, I get a better understanding of the overall process of making a feature. I have a hand in everything, and it prepares me better for whatever projects I will work on in the future.

EL: Why ‘Potential Inertia’? Why this story?

MC: I was at a point in my life where it just seemed right that I make it. Loss is something we all share in, and it’s truly universal. It fascinates me how everyone seems to deal with it differently. The story is very much me, an internal reflection of myself. It just felt right to remind people they’re not always alone when they lose something or someone.


Interview Copyright © 2014 One Fish Films. All Rights Reserved.

Metroid Vs Star Trek

Factpile - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 6:14am

FactPile: Metroid Vs Star Trek

Suggested by The Sony Girl For this universe match we have all the Metroid can muster going up against a heavy weight in Star Trek. For this battle, Both are at Full Power. Which side would win? Related Posts: Samus... Read More »

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Vergil Vs Minato Namikaze

Factpile - Sun, 04/20/2014 - 6:59am

FactPile: Vergil Vs Minato Namikaze

Brought to you by sadot06 Arriving from the Devil May Cry franchsise is Vergil facing off against Minato Namikaze of Naruto. Fight takes place in the Forest of Quiet Movement. Incarnations: Vergil – Devil May Cry 3 Minato – Non... Read More »

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Happy Easter 2014

Factpile - Sun, 04/20/2014 - 12:01am

FactPile: Happy Easter 2014

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Someone looks serious...and maybe a little angry.

Bryan Hill's Blog - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 10:04am


Life of Georgie – Hanging with me…

Bryan Hill's Blog - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 6:39am

…on the couch.

Saturday Anime: Black Magic M-66

Factpile - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 6:18am

FactPile: Saturday Anime: Black Magic M-66

Black Magic M-66 Based on a Manga by Shirow Masamune, creator of the famous Ghost in the Shell, Black Magic M-66 is a throw back to the golden 80′s of Anime. Directed by Shirow himself, as well as Hiroyuki Kitakubo... Read More »

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