Art All Night 2016

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Wed, 04/27/2016 - 2:09pm
Another Art All Night came and went. It's a one day art show for anyone who wants to join! I usually participate every year. It's always a fun time.

I don't have a lot to say, except wanted to show you some photos from my day! ^_^

First thing we stopped at Thick Bikes. I got a new seat, and boy is it sweet! (LOL Why am I rhyming today??) Right outside the shop were several Baron Batch pieces. Love!

After a short bike ride, we went on over to Church Brew Works. What a fantastic place! It's literally a restaurant inside of an old church. So weirdly awesome. The beer = awesome.

Ever since living in Alexandria, VA, we've been on a quest to find pizza as good as Pizzeria Paradiso. Up until this point we've had no luck. I'm so excited to say, that Church Brew Works is a good second! We got their five cheese pizza and added lamb sausage. Pretty darn delicious.

Art All Night... Always fun with loads to see and do.

Spotted a photo by our friend David McCandless!

Lastly stopped by my painting. LOL. It's always fun to sneak up and see who's looking and listen to their comments...since they have no idea that you're the artist and you're lurking nearby.

If you're an artist of any time (beginner, or professions) I'd definitely recommend submitting to Art All Night next year. It's great and it's FREE!

R.I.P. Prince

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Thu, 04/21/2016 - 4:40pm

"...Like It's 1999"
R.I.P. Prince1958 - 2016

Steel City Con - April 2016!

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Tue, 04/19/2016 - 3:18pm

Well, I officially did my first Comic Con. After several people recommending that I try it, I finally bit the bullet and decided to give it a go. I had a great time and am so glad that I did it, but to be completely honest this wasn't a great show for me. I did ok in the end, but realized that I just do better at indy craft shows and such. It was a learning experience...good stuff! Not to mention, I met a bunch of new artist friends which was totally fantastic. Oh! I also had a blast watching all the cosplay, especially all the STAR WARS. I got to see a ton of celebrities with my own eyes (LOL I'm WAY too cheap to pay for an autograph or photo). Travis even bumped into Anthony Daniels in the restroom and had a casual conversation while washing hands. That lucky duck!


I was SO happy to see Dark Helmet there!

Oh I want these so badly. Maybe someday I'll buy just one.

Adorable creations by Burrito Princess!

Of course there was a ton of Snapchat shenanigans. Hey, we were there a loooooot of hours. LOL.

Iron Man

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Mon, 04/11/2016 - 5:06pm
So I talk about my fitness achievements (and woes) so much in real life, but apparently not on here. I guess I just forget! I thought it would be appropriate to post about my latest challenge. I've joined a six week Iron Man challenge with some friends. If you're not familiar, The Iron Man is a mega big triathlon where you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles. . . in one freaking day! Well, we are doing our own version, only you have six weeks to complete it. I've already completed the swimming part, and it was a huge challenge for me! I hadn't swam laps since high school over 20 years ago. I LOTHE swimming.  Before the challenge started on April 1st I gathered all the necessary accessories...anything to make it all a little less painful. A new swimming suit, goggles, ear plugs and a swim cap. I could of gone without the swim cap, but I didn't want to totally fade my hair out. LOL.


I ended up doing the entire 2.4 miles backstroke. I can't swim any other way! If I had to swim more than this exact 2.4 miles I would definitely try to learn out to swim like a normal person, but since I don't plan on doing it much I figured it was fine. It's not that I can't swim belly down, I just don't breathe very well. Oh well! It took me three days swimming at about an hour each time. That's SLOW as all get out, but I DID IT! I'm pretty excited that I pushed through my fears and made it through.

Hahahha lookin fine!
Next part is to bike 112 miles. I'm actually almost done with it. This is the easy peasy part for me. The running will be a challenge, but I'll worry about that when I get to it. :D

My newest tattoo!

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Sun, 04/10/2016 - 2:14pm
I'm so obsessed with my newest tattoo! I got a couple of "mandalas."I just love beautiful geometric shapes! They fit perfectly into the blank spot at the top of my sleeve too!

Thanks Jonnie Frederick at Electric Empire! Killed it once again.

Bright Hair Color! How to get it and maintain it.

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Tue, 03/29/2016 - 2:21pm
SO many people ask me how I keep my hair so vibrant, so I thought I'd finally do a blog post to direct them to! I gotta admit, I learned some of the tricks I use from this post from the Dainty Squid. I did come up with a few things on my own though, so read on to find out more!

I gotta get this out of the way right off the bat. Having a bright hair color is not easy. If you are not willing to spend some extra time or go out of your way to maintain the color, it just won't last. You'll be frustrated and end up with dull hair in a week or two. I've seen so many people spend a lot of money on fun hair, only for it to wash out in a short period of time. Nobody wants to waste money just to have dingy hair, so if you are gonna make the plunge, realize that you'll have to make some changes!

#1 - Color brand. I have tried a lot of different brands. My absolute favorite brand is Jerome Russell Punky Color. I can't find it in any stores around these parts, so I just order it on amazon. It's usually a little less than $10 for a tub. My second favorite is Raw which is available at Hot Topic.

#2. - You must bleach your hair. A lot of people don't want to bleach because it's hard on your hair, but it's a must to get true bright color. You WANT your hair to be porous! It's the only way for the color to soak in. Using vibrant colors on healthy hair won't show up as well and will wash out in no time. I get my hair professionally bleached and then do the color at home myself. Bleaching over already bleached hair IS BAD and will destroy your hair. Trust me, I have done it and it will cause serious breakage. As long as you stick to touching up the roots only, you'll be fine!

#3. - The vibrant color dye is basically just a stain. There are no chemicals in it and will not damage your hair! As long as you just do an initial bleach and then keep up with the roots every couple months, your hair won't suffer too much. You can put the dye in your hair anywhere form 20 minutes to entire day! I usually shoot for an hour or more. Just put the dye in and then cover your hair with a plastic grocery bag. I usually put a thin towel on top of the whole thing to hold in the heat. That will help the color penetrate your hair too. Tip: To conserve on dye, mix it with equal parts conditioner. It will dye the hair just as vibrant, conserve dye, condition your hair, and help your hair have less bleeding afterwards. After your time is up, just wash it out in the sink or take a shower. Be careful with the first rinse! The water will have a lot of dye in it and could easily stain your bathroom. If you try to wash it down the drain right away there usual isn't any problem.

#4. -  I don't shampoo my ever.  Surprise! I don't do the "no poo" method either! I did that before and it was ok, but I found something that works even better! I use conditioner ONLY! Most people instantly react saying that their hair is too oily for this and it would be a disaster. I beg to differ. If you use a lot of conditioner and massage it into the roots just like shampoo, it will have a cleansing effect! Trust me it really works. I have used certain conditioners that are too heavy and don't work as well, so you may have to experiment to find the right one. I use Aussie conditioner, but I have also used Tresemme and it worked great as well.

#5. - Use cooler water to condition, and then get your hair out of the water. I usually "wash" my hair first thing when I get in the shower. I am not super hardcore with the cooler water, but I try to keep it from being super hot. After conditioning, I get a small towel and wrap my hair in it, you know... turban style! Get your hair out of the water and you can continue on with your shower. The longer it is sopping wet, the more it will fade. This also allows you to turn the heat up and enjoy the rest of your shower.

I think that's about it! After you get in the habit of doing these things, it's really no big deal. My hair DOES still fade a little.  I'll dye it the day I bleach and then usually again in about a month. Some colors do last longer than others. When I had green, I only dyed it once the whole cycle! It was super bright at first and then faded to a lovely mint color that I loved just as much. Some other colors you'll like better when they are at their brightest, so that's when I'll usually freshen it up after about a month.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Thu, 03/24/2016 - 6:57pm
My newest painting!

Acrylic on Canvas.

Original painting and prints available in my etsy shop!

Pinball PA!

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Tue, 03/15/2016 - 4:47pm
Guys! Over the weekend we went to this amazing arcade called Pinball PA! Dustin got a groupon for a family pass and "forced" us to go. LOL. I thought it was going to be cool...but it was DANG cool! They have over 400 vintage Pinball Machines and Arcade Games. The way it works is, you pay a fee to get in (individual or family rates... or maybe a Groupon like us) and then you play as much as you like! No tokens or quarters required. I highly recommend this place for something different to do. It was a blast!

Poo. I did it again.

Brain overflow ... here ya go! - Thu, 03/10/2016 - 3:36pm
So, I'm sure a lot of you already know I have another blog that was supposed to be where I posted all my sketches. Well, somehow I started posting them over here again and didn't even think anything of it! I just don't like to clog this one up with only sketches. It's easy to do because I sketch ideas and for practice a lot more than I actually paint. My sketches don't always reflect my typical style either. . . so for some reason I like to keep them separate. So away they go once again! If you want to follow my daily sketches etc, subscribe to my other blog: More Overflow!

At the beginning of the year I committed to myself to try and post more.'s been a boring winter so far. I just don't have anything blog-worthy! I gotta try and make normal life sound exciting! Hahah. Anyway, if you have any requests, or thoughts on fun things you might want me to post about, please let me know!

As of right now, I'm still swooning over my new hair (the most exciting thing that has happened lately.)

I changed my part! I do that from time to time. This time it was out of necessity. A few months ago I had extensions on my left side, which I LOVED. Sadly, I have super thin and fragile hair and it wreaked havoc on the left side of my head. That side was super thin, broken and unmanageable. So I switched my part, made the right side my "long side" and hacked all that off. It feels great!! I added some orange and red under my hair for a "sunset" effect. I'm thinking I'll transition to all orange by fall. I'm really trying to stick to the same thing for a while. It's hard! :D I do love having yellow hair though. It's definitely my favorite so far.

Yes. The weather has been great around here. The other day I think I spent 80% of the day outside. I just couldn't resist. Today: rainy and gray. At least it's still warm!

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